Don Brash’s ‘Nationhood’ Speech

The link at the bottom of this page gves the full text of ‘NATIONHOOD: An address by Don Brash Leader of the National Party to the Orewa Rotary Club on 27 January 2004’. I felt it was important to include this speech as an appendix to Guilty as Charged? for a number of reasons. First, and foremost, this speech is the starting point for the book. It is the springboard from which the book is launched. Second, although the text of the speech is not referred to in any detail in the book, it provides an excellent summary of the basic ‘Pākehā’ viewpoint that I refer to innumerable times. Third, several years have passed since this speech was given, and New Zealander’s may be beginning to forget just what it was about.

Although there might be specific details in this speech that the non-New Zealand reader does not understand, or appreciate, the gist of it should be quite clear. I therefore provide the link without any editorial comments, or explanations of the finer points.