Map of Tribal Areas In Aotearoa

The map below gives a rough indication of the tribal regions (rohe) in Aotearoa New Zealand. It should be noted that this is a rough indication only. In addition to the comment on the map about the oral source of these boundaries, there is another complication. In particular, as noted in the section ‘Tribal Māori’ in Chapter 5, constructing a map of completely segregated iwi and hapū is actually impossible. This is because, in pre-colonial times, the different iwi and hapū were neither fixed nor physically separated. Instead they were dynamic and often intermingled as well. See Angela Ballara’s Iwi: The Dynamics of Māori Tribal Organisation from c.1769–c.1945 for a more extensive discussion of this point.

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This map comes from Takoa Rua-manu, a networking and linkage resource that supports the needs of whānau, community organisations, Government groups and commerce.